Financial Counseling

Experienced, qualified counselors evaluate each client's unique situation. We evaluate your income, budget, assets, and debts. Together, we develop an action plan for you to become more financially secure.

Our counselors provide a variety of services to assist:

  • Discussion of financial concerns
  • Strategies for effectively working with creditors
  • Thorough review of income, expenses, and debt
  • Creating workable household budgets
  • Identifying problem(s) influencing your financial situation
  • Referrals to appropriate social service programs
  • Tips on dealing with garnishments or judgments
  • Assistance with setting realistic financial goals
  • Information about Debt Management Plans (DMP)


Getting Started

It's easy to start getting help. You may:

  • Call our office to get more information or set up an appointment. Call 877-580-5526 or in Sioux City metro area call 712-252-1861 ext 47.
  • Send us an email
  • CCCC Worksheets. You may print and complete these forms, and fax them to 712-255-1352. Or mail to Consumer Credit Counseling, 715 Douglas Street, Sioux City, IA  51101


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