Representative Payee & Conservatorship


This service is designed to assist clients in managing their finances. Rent and other ongoing expenses are paid directly to help ensure financial and housing stability. Center For Siouxland is appointed representative payee by Social Security, pensions, or other entities. Counselors work out a budget with the client that meets their daily living expenses and provides weekly spending money. Counselors meet with the clients on a monthly basis and more often if needed.




A conservatorship is set up when a client's decision-making capacity is so impaired that the person is unable to care for their own personal safety or provide for necessities. A conservator is appointed by the court to have custody and control of the property. In order for a conservatorship to be set up the court must decide that the individual is incompetent to make financial decisions.


To make a referral for the Representative Payee or Conservatorship services, please call 712-252-1861 ext 12 or send us an email.


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