Representative Payee & Conservatorship

Representative Payee Program

We recognize that some Social Security beneficiaries require assistance in the proper management of their finances. Without help, many persons may not be able to meet their obligations and provide for their basic needs. When a beneficiary has demonstrated an inability to handle their funds and has been determined by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to need assistance, Center For Siouxland’s Representative Payee Program is there to help.

Hattie Keairns, Xavier Nuño

Kellie Aslani, Michelle Haukap

Counselors work out a budget with the clients on a monthly basis or more often if needed and provide basic money management skills. Working together to address our client’s needs, our staff work with other social service agencies to ensure the client is able to live as independently as possible.

Clients are involved in making decisions regarding their financial responsibilities. The overall goal of the program is to enhance the client’s quality of life by encouraging financial stability within the constraints of available resources.


Center For Siouxland is authorized by the Social Security Administration to serve as a beneficiary’s Representative Payee. We work with the beneficiary to determine their current and future needs and to ensure that funds are managed in accordance with SSA regulations and policies.


A conservatorship is set up when a client’s decision-making capacity is so impaired that the person is unable to care for their own personal safety or provide necessities. A conservator is appointed by the court to have custody and control of the property. In order for a conservatorship to be set up the court must decide that the individual is incompetent to make financial decisions.


Please call 712-252-1861 ext. 113 or send us an email to make a referral for the Representative Payee or Conservatorship services.